Idiap submission to MediaEval 2013 ranked first for the video hyperlinking task

The Idiap NLP group has participated in the search and hyperlinking task at the MediaEval 2013 evaluation campaign. The NLP group was ranked first out of eleven participants on the hyperlinking task (finding video segments related to a given one) and third out of seven on the keyword video search task.

Using 1260 hours of broadcast TV material provided by BBC, the search sub-task required finding a segment based on a text query, while the hyperlinking sub-task required finding items from the collection that are related to “anchors” from known items.  The NLP group proposed a unified approach to both sub-tasks, grounded in methods from content-based recommendation. The idea is to compute the most similar segments to a given text query or to another segment, based on words, then to re-rank them using visual concepts. 
The NLP group was ranked first on the hyperlinking task for mean average precision, with values above 50%.  This task is also the closest one to its research themes.  Additional analyses and comparisons of scores are under way and will be presented in future publications, including a special session at ICMR 2014.
The team from Idiap’s Natural Language Processing group acknowledges the kind support of the SNSF/IM2 Aroles project as well as of the EU inEvent project.
More information is available at the following sites: MediaEval 2013.
Proceedings of MediaEval 2013 workshop, October 18-19, Barcelona.
Article by NLP group: Bhatt C., Pappas N., Habibi M., & Popescu-Belis A. “Idiap at MediaEval 2013: Search and Hyperlinking Task”.  Proceedings of the MediaEval 2013 Workshop, Barcelona.
inEvent EU project
IM2 Aroles project
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