Idiap Start-up wins the “Language Technology Innovate Award”

Recapp IT AG ( was awarded the prestigious “LT-Innovate Award 2015,” during the “LT-Innovate Summit 2015” in Brussels from the 25-26th of June.

The annual LT Innovate summit brings together specialized research groups and industries in the field of Language Technology.

Since 2012, the annual “LT Innovate Award” distinguishes Europe’s leading suppliers of language technology products.

Based on specific criteria (innovation, technology, and business potential) a panel of experts selects the winners of the “LT-Innovate Award.” The Valais start-up recapp IT AG ( won the “L-T Innovate Award 2015.”

Through its transcriptions of debates in several languages (including Swiss German dialects) recapp provides an interactive interface in the transcription of the debates as well as the possibility to search by speaker, topic, or keyword. This interactive analysis allows the user to quickly extract the key points in a speech or to respond accurately to questions related to monitoring speeches.

This interactive platform has already been implemented during political sessions of the Valais Grand Council. The recapp system automatically recognizes the language of the speaker (French or German) and the debates are transcribed with 90% accuracy. Thirty minutes after a four-hour long debate, videos are indexed and available for access to conduct any necessary research using


Recapp services provide an easy platform that can be understood and used by everyone. The young and dynamic recapp team works hard to tailor solutions to the specific needs of clients.