Idiap’s brand new artificial intelligence applied master

Digitalisation is impacting every business, from tourism to energy. Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the tools that can provide a strategical asset to businesses, but the lack of experts can be a limitation when it comes to using such technologies. Thanks to the first master in AI tailored for companies’ development and in collaboration with Swiss Distance University and the Canton of Valais, Idiap Research Institute is offering a brand new solution which also creates new jobs. The target audience for this master is very broad, not only targeting the Canton of Valais.

Despite headlines, such as the one from MIT about a new AI School opening in September 2019, the lack of qualified professionals is not going to be solved anytime soon. This shortage is a global issue. Nevertheless, in order to grow, big companies, as well as SME, need theoretical and practical skills right now. This issue is already impacting the Canton of Valais, as many developers in AI trained by Idiap are getting offered jobs by US big tech companies (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft) or big Swiss companies such as Swisscom or Logitech. To solve this problem in a quick and sustainable way, brand new solutions are needed.

Creating jobs to train and gain internal experts

Inspired by the successful Swiss apprenticeship model, Idiap initiated a unique programme. The aim is to create job openings linked with the training and within companies. This unusual strategy will allow companies to use those skills quickly thanks to a university training directly connected to their activities. In that scheme, each student represents a new paid job. The partnership between Idiap and Swiss Distance University provides a tailored solution for both businesses and students. E-learning, personal coaching by tech transfer experts, support of a team of developers are among the unique assets of this master. Starting in February 2019, this 90 ECTS credits master is already offering seven newly created positions.

Details about the Master in Artificial Intelligence and registration.

Job openings: AI Engineer in training