François Fleuret was named as Adjunct Professor

The ETH Board appointed a total of 25 professors in various fields. Among the nominated scientists, François Fleuret, head of the Machine Learning in our Institute.

Machine learning is at the heart of many artificial intelligence breakthroughs in recent years. Based on statistical techniques, this class of methods allows computers to perform advanced tasks dealing with complex signals such as images, sound, or language. Led by Fleuret, Idiap’s Machine learning group has a particular focus on computational efficiency, with applications ranging from object and manufacturing defect detection, to tracking of people and biological structures. Developing more efficient solutions is becoming a key challenge related to their energy consumption, economic cost, and environmental impact.

A long term work

The appointment of François Fleuret as Adjunct Professor by the EPFL shows how machine learning is a key topic in today’s research. However, Fleuret’s interest for this field started already many years ago, and he joined the Institute in August 2007. His rich background in maths give him a particularly sharp insight into statistical methods and their use in the computing field. François Fleuret is the fifth researcher appointed professor at Idiap, and the third one getting this title from the EPFL in Lausanne. He is involved in the Institute’s AI Master program teaching.


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