First prototypes of the new microphone array from Dev-Audio

Idiap just received the new prototype of a microphone array device which includes the improvements developed during last year project (see previous news below). No more need of bulky cables (see comparison picture) which are now replaced by a simple USB connexion, but also no more need to carry an external soundcard with you; all you need is your Mac and the microphone array.

Old and New prototype

Combined efforts from HES-SO Valais (Industrial Systems Institute) and Idiap improve the portability of Dev-Audio's microphone array device

Dev-Audio is a startup founded by a former research scientist from Idiap, Dr Iain McCowan. It has developed an intelligent microphone for group conversations.


From a single table-top unit, the product automatically outputs a separated high-quality audio track for each participant, together with timing and location information that indicates where and when each person is speaking.


The goal of this project was to design a single device based on Dev-Audio's first prototype system, in order to improve portability. HES-SO successfully produced an initial electronic design that allows the audio streams to be transferred directly to a computer via a USB interface. In addition, Idiap customised its Speaker Verification software to accommodate the new design, allowing ready integration with Dev-Audio's software applications. This project was supported by the foundation The Ark.


The first units based on the new design will be available for trials in the near future. For more information, keep an eye on or subscribe for updates at info at