The Idiap Research Institute is part of an EU project (TeSLA) to authenticate student identity online throughout the e-assessment process

The project TeSLA, led by the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC), with a length of three years and a budget of seven million euros, involves universities, quality assurance agencies, research centres and technology companies from twelve countries. In total, there will be a team of around eighty professionals and eighteen months of largescale pilot tests with the participation of over 14,000 students from Europe.

TeSLA (Adaptive Trust-based e-assessment online at the different learning stages) aims to enable students to be assessed online at the different learning stages within a few years. Apart from the teaching and learning processes, the project works across the related ethical, technological and legal aspects, such as data protection. Moreover, it will be adapted for students with special educational needs. Once it has been developed, a standard free version of the online assessment system will be offered to education institutions and there will be a professional and commercial version for the international market.

Source: Press release by UOC, January 26th, 2016