Call for papers on "Mobile Media Search", Special Issue of "IEEE Signal Processing Magazine"

The proliferation of mobile and hand-held devices along with advances in multimodal and multimedia technologies are giving birth to a new wave of mobile applications that enable users to quickly and more naturally find information. Mobility is central to these applications that capitalize on multimodal input to search for media such as videos, music, business listings, products and services, or to surf the web or send an SMS.

The commercialization of mobile media search applications is giving rise to new technical challenges. Examples of these challenges include creating speech recognition systems that are robust to surrounding noisy environments, robust image features and matching methods suitable for mobile devices, searching through a large amount of unstructured and semi-structured data, understanding a variety of inquires from keywords to natural language questions, summarization of multimedia search results, and personalizing the user interface to more easily adapt to preferences and geo-locations.

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