Artificial intelligence and energy, from buildings to cities

On May 7th 2019, Idiap will be hosting the “Artificial Intelligence & Energy” Symposium. Organized by the Centre de Recherches Energétiques et Municipales and the Idiap Research Institute, this event aims to open new perspectives in the energy research field.

In the climate change battle, energy is a key issue. To manage energy in a smart way, the optimization of its consumption, as well as its distribution is crucial. From buildings to networks and from cities to storage, energy planning needs resources and innovative solutions. Regarding the high amount of complexity, tools such as artificial intelligence could be a real asset to find novel approaches.

Specialists from all over the world will take part in the symposium. Topics will range from intelligent feed-back in low energy buildings to urban morphology and artificial intelligence, including open data in cities. Head of Idiap’s Energy Informatics group, Jérôme Kämpf will present his insights about networks and smart buildings.

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SEMINAIRE SET 2019 : « Intelligence artificielle & Energie »