An Open-Source Web-Based Open-Science Platform

The Idiap Research Institute published a paper in the International Conference on Machine Learning on a new Open-Science Web Platform.

With the increased interest in computational sciences, machine learning (ML), pattern recognition (PR) and big data, governmental agencies, academia and manufacturers are overwhelmed by the constant influx of new algorithms and techniques promising improved performance, generalization and robustness. Sadly, result reproducibility is often an overlooked feature accompanying original research publications, competitions and benchmark evaluations.

To bridge this gap, the Idiap Research Institute built an open platform for research in computational sciences related to pattern recognition and machine learning, to help on the development, reproducibility and certification of results obtained in the field. By making use of such a system, academic, governmental or industrial organisations enable users to easily and socially develop processing toolchains, re-use data, algorithms, workflows and compare results from distinct algorithms and/or parameterizations with minimal effort.

The paper is publicly available here: An Open-Source Web-Based Open-Science Platform

The BEAT platform is operational here: BEAT Platform