A biometrics workshop on presentation attack detection

The European Association for Biometrics organized its workshop at Idiap. European researchers and representatives from various companies gathered to discuss presentation attack detection.

If unlocking a phone equipped with facial recognition could be done with a picture, the technology would never be called a security feature. Nonetheless, hackers are still creating more sophisticated presentation attacks (PA) to challenge devices security. The European Association for Biometrics (EAB) workshop at Idiap gathered during two days both researchers and companies active in this field.

The workshop included presentations as well as live products and application demonstrations related to various PA challenges. This allowed to illustrate the distinction between the biometric sub-system and the Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) sub-system, both of which having different objectives, performance criteria leading to separate sets of errors.

Participants were also authorized to visit Idiap’s FIDO certification laboratory, gather an important collection of face masks of different materials. This equipment is used by the laboratory for standardized testing of the PAD capacity of critical systems brought by external suppliers for evaluation, in order to obtain an international FIDO certification.

Idiap is glad to be part of such events. Not only it is an excellent opportunity to share our institute scientific research, but it is also a great way to foster relationships with both academic and industrial partners using for instance its cooperative research program.

More information

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