3 promotions to Senior Researcher at Idiap

Following a very strict evaluation process – comprising the nomination by Idiap's management and a formal approval by the Scientific College - , Idiap is pleased to announce the promotion of three of its researchers to Senior Researchers:

Dr. Sylvain Calinon (at Idiap since May 2014)
Dr. Mathew Magimai-Doss (Idiap PhD degree in 2005, one year postdoc in Berkeley, and Researcher at Idiap since 2007)
Dr. Petr Motlicek (at Idiap since 2005)

During their tenure at Idiap, they were able to develop their own research programmes/groups, together with their own projects, own funding sources, while significantly enhancing their CV and academic profile at the level expected by the Idiap job description for this well-deserved level of seniority.

The whole Institute congratulates them on their promotion.