Idiap co-organizes the 17th Economic Forum of the Rhône Valley, entitled “Artificial Intelligence in all its forms”

The forum will take place on September 15th, 2017 at the hotel Vatel in Martigny.

Since 2001, the Economic Forum of the Rhône Valley has become an annual meeting point for economic, political, associative, educational and scientific forces of a strategic European region of 15 million inhabitants. They come together in order to exchange ideas and to develop projects between actors from France and Switzerland.

Technological innovations are one of the fundamental parameters of economic growth. One of the most important once for our era is artificial intelligence and more specifically “machine learning”, which is the capacity of a machine to continually improve its performance, without human intervention.

Idiap’s Director Prof. Hervé Bourlard, Dr. Sébastien Marcel, head of the "Biometrics Security and Privacy" group, Dr. Jean-Marc Odobez, senior researcher of the " Perception and Activity Understanding" group and the team of Dr. Sylvain Calinon, "Robot Learning & Interaction" group, will participate to make this day a success.

Don’t miss the unique occasion to acquaint yourself with this major innovation, which will turn our way of life and thought around.

A singular and free even that is not to be missed!

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