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Where to find a specialist in artificial intelligence? Don't look any further, at Idiap, we have researchers in machine learning, robotics, speech recognition, biometrics, social computing, and much more.

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The name "Idiap" alone must be written with an Uppercase for the first letter and the rest in lowercase, i.e., Idiap, and not idiap or IDIAP.

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Our latest news

Classifying neurons for a better understanding of Stephen Hawking's disease
research — Dec 01, 2021

Results from our Genomics & health informatics research group, in collaboration with the Francis Crick Institute in London, describe the use of a computational analysis method to classify images of healthy and affected by amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) motor neurons. This new technological breakthrough allows a better understanding of the disease and provides guidance for lab research.

Over 12 millions Swiss francs for more inclusive ICT
tech — Nov 03, 2021

Access to information is a challenge for disabled people, even at a time when communications channels are increasing. An international consortium gathering researchers, as well as private and public partners, under the leadership of the University of Zurich and including Idiap and Icare from the French speaking side of Switzerland was granted 6 million Swiss francs from Innosuisse—completed by 6 million from private partners—to take up this challenge.

Fake faces for more ethics in biometrics
research — Oct 12, 2021

The lack of representativity in databases used to train facial recognition tools often creates biases. Creating a repository of fake faces can resolve these biases. Financed by the Hasler Foundation and under the supervision of Idiap Research Institute, the SAFER project gathers the University of Zurich and the company SICPA.

Idiap welcomes its first female professor
institute — Oct 08, 2021

Head of the Computation, Cognition & Language Group at Idiap, Lonneke van der Plas was nominated professor by the University of Malta. She is affiliated to this university since 2014.

Idiap is training apprentices for the first time
institute — Sep 06, 2021

The institute was inspired by the Swiss apprenticeship system to create its Masters in Artificial Intelligence, now it decided to train classic apprentices. Yana and Mattéo, our two apprentices, just started at Idiap.