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Where to find a specialist in artificial intelligence? Don't look any further, at Idiap, we have researchers in machine learning, robotics, speech recognition, biometrics, social computing, and much more.

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Our latest news

Idiap and Octopeek sign a 4-year R&D partnership
tech — Jun 17, 2021

Artificial intelligence and big data pioneers Octopeek (France) and Idiap announce a partnership. A member of Octopeek’s scientific staff will spend four years at the very heart of Idiap, culminating in a PhD—a unique opportunity to use video data to develop research on multimodal learning, and to spur innovation.

Idiap’s new strategy of national interest for the Swiss government
institute — Jun 11, 2021

Thanks to a significant multi-million budget increase during the 2021-2024 period, Idiap’s new strategy will create over 60 highly skilled jobs, and interdisciplinary research groups dedicated to technology transfer towards businesses. This program is possible thanks to the support of the Canton of Valais and the Municipality of Martigny.

François Fleuret appointed External Research Fellow of Idiap
institute — May 17, 2021

After spending almost 13 years with us, François Fleuret is appointed professor at UNIGE. To allow him to maintain his link with our institute and in recognition of his contributions, he is also appointed as an external member researcher of Idiap.

AI and an app to understand drinking habits among young people
research — Apr 29, 2021

Idiap researchers published the results of a study showing that analyzing pictures and audio from voluntarily recorded videos thanks to an app helps to determine with more objectivity the context of alcohol drinking among young people.