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Where to find a specialist in artificial intelligence? Don't look any further, at Idiap, we have researchers in machine learning, robotics, speech recognition, biometrics, social computing, and much more.

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How to Write Idiap correctly and Use Idiap Logos

The name "Idiap" alone must be written with an Uppercase for the first letter and the rest in lowercase, i.e., Idiap, and not idiap or IDIAP.

"Idiap Research Institute" and "Institut de Recherche Idiap" must be written with Uppercases, except when "institut de recherche" is obviously a common name.

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Our latest news

Idiap is training apprentices for the first time
institute — Sep 06, 2021

The institute was inspired by the Swiss apprenticeship system to create its Masters in Artificial Intelligence, now it decided to train classic apprentices. Yana and Mattéo, our two apprentices, just started at Idiap.

Idiaper appointed Professor at the University of Lausanne
education — Aug 30, 2021

Head of the Biometrcs security & privacy research group at Idiap, Sébastien Marcel was appointed Professor at School of Criminal Justice (Ecole des Sciences Criminelles) of the University of Lausanne from September 1st. His nomination is strengthening an already deep rooted collaboration between the two institutions.

Data & AI: challenges for both start-ups and multinationals
tech — Aug 16, 2021

Students from the Master’s AI completed the program offered by Idiap and Swiss Distance University. Thanks to their project integrated in a company, many of them are receiving job offers from their host company. This approach also fits businesses looking for digital skills.

Idiap and EPFL renew their strategic alliance
institute — Jun 23, 2021

Associated since Idiap’s creation in 1991, EPFL and the Institute have strong links. The new strategic alliance strengthens these links in the research, education and technology transfer areas.