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The Wide Multi Channel Presentation Attack (WMCA) database consists of 1941 short video recordings of both bonafide and presentation attacks from 72 different identities. The data is recorded from several channels including color, depth, infra-red, and thermal.

Additionally, the pulse reading data for bonafide recordings is also provided.

Preprocessed images for some of the channels are also provided for part of the data used in the reference publication.

The WMCA database is produced at Idiap within the framework of “IARPA BATL” and “H2020 TESLA” projects and it is intended for investigation of presentation attack detection (PAD) methods for face recognition systems.



Figure 1.1: Sample images of bonafide from the database for four channels after alignment. The images from all channels are aligned with the calibration parameters and normalized to eight bit for better visualization.


Acknowledgments to reference publication

If you use this database, please cite the following publication:

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