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The Idiap Research Institute VERA Spoofing Fingervein Database

The VERA Spoofing Fingervein Database for direct attacks fingervein recognition consists of 200 images attempts to the 50 first clients from the Idiap Research Institute VERA Fingervein Database. This Database was produced at the Idiap Research Institute in Martigny, in Switzerland.


If you use this database, please cite the following publication::

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Database Description

All the attacks have been recorded using the same open finger vein sensor used to record the Idiap Research Institute VERA Fingervein Database.

Images are labeled as follow: ID_index_shot.png where "ID" is a 3 digits number that stands for client's ID, "index" stands for the considered index which can be "R" or "L" ("Right" or "Left"), and "shot" stands for the considered shot number which can be "1" or "2" (2 shots per finger).

Images from the same client are regrouped into a single folder labeled as follow: ID-Gender, where "ID" is a 3 digits number that stands for client's ID and "Gender" stands for client's gender which can be "M" or "F" ("Male" or "Female").

The format of the images is PNG.
Size of the images is 665 x 250 pixels.
Size of the files is around 80 kbytes per images.

* Example of the nomenclature fot the client #29:
   * 029-M/029_L_1.png
   * 029-M/029_L_2.png
   * 029-M/029_R_1.png
   * 029-M/029_R_2.png

Here is an example of images from the database:
.. image:: images/029_L_2spoof.png
.. image:: images/029_L_1spoof.png
.. image:: images/029_R_2spoof.png
.. image:: images/029_R_1spoof.png


Database Protocol

The 200 fingervein images from the 50 first clients from the Idiap Research Institute VERA Fingervein Database have been printed and presented to the sensor to record the 200 images of the Idiap Research Institute VERA Fingervein Spoofing Database.

The precise protocol for elaborating the spoofing fingervein images is as follows:

1. Pre-processing the raw images using histogram equalisation and adding a large black padding array
2. Printing at real finger size the pre-processed images on a thick 200 g/m2 withe paper
3. The finger edges are emphasis using a black ink white board pen
4. The sensor leds are recovered by a lyer of 200 g/m2 withe paper to attenuate intensity
5. The paper attack is presented to the sensor and recorded.

A video presenting this protocol in action is available here: Spoofing FingerVein Recognition.


Mr. Matthias Vanoni
Dr. Pedro Tome
Dr. S├ębastien Marcel

Idiap Research Institute
Centre du Parc - rue Marconi 19
CH-1920 Martigny, Suisse
Phone: +41 27 721 7727
Fax: +41 27 721 7712

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