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Meeting Room Data

Each recording in the meeting room always involves two persons sitting in front of the camera. The person to the right of the image will be labeled RightPerson and the person to the left will be labeled LeftPerson. The data of these recordings are stored in 8 directories MEETING1,...,MEETING8. Each directory MEETING[MeetingNum] (MeetingNum=1,...,8) contains:

  • the video sequence: VideoMeet[MeetingNum].avi
  • the raw flock outputs (thus, in Flock of birds reference coordinate system): LeftFOBDataMeet[MeetingNum].mat for the person to the left and RightFOBDataMeet[MeetingNum].mat for the person to the right.
  • the intrinsic camera parameters: CamParamIntMeet.mat
  • the calibration parameters between the flock of bird and the camera: FlockCamCalibParamMeet.mat
  • two files containing the aligned data for the right and left person: AlignedRightDataMeet[MeetingNum].mat and AlignedLeftDataMeet[MeetingNum].mat. Each of them contains a structure data with the following fields:
    • data.VideoFrames: video_num=data.VideoFrames(k) provides the image number video_num associated with the flock measurement k. Note that as recording of the video began before the recording of the flock and ended after, some of the first and last frames of the video do not correspond to any flock measurements.
    • data.AngCam(k,1:3): contains the head pose euler angles
      • data.AngCam(k,1) is the head pan
      • data.AngCam(k,2) is the head tilt
      • data.AngCam(k,3) is the head roll.
    • data.FlockLocation3D(k,1:3): contains the 3D location measurement of the flock in the camera basis.
    • data.FrameFlockLocation(k,1:2): contains the pixel location of the flock in the image.
    • data.valid: is an array of boolean. data.valid(k) is 1 if the FOB recording of the video frame data.VideoFrames(k) is valid and zero otherwise.

Office Data

The recordings in the office involved 15 people, one per recording. The Data of these recordings are stored in the directories OFFICE01,...OFFICE15. However, as all the necessary calibration have not been done yet, these are unavailable now. If you still want these recordings, please email us (see contacts)

Video Frames Extraction

The video frames of the recordings were extracted using mplayer. Given a movie my_movie.avi the command line is:
mplayer -ss 00:00:00 -vo jpeg -vf scale=360:288 my_movie.avi
this command extract all the jpg image frames of my_movie.avi in the current folder at a resolution 360:288.