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Startups and PMEs

They are using an Idiap technology, have a look at their products or services.


Audiosearch: Audiosearch uses automatic keyword detection for indexing and finding telephone conversations recorded on mobile phones or voice over IP.


ESConcept: ES-Concept focuses its activities on the domain of real-time advertising during sport events.


Geneemo: Geneemo develops a web tool that allows adding emotions to synthetic voices of different everyday devices (PC, GPS, mobile phones...)


Luma7: Luma7 is an online search engine that automatically generates a mind map allowing the visualization of links between topics.


Navitas Consilium SA: Navitas Consilium SA: advice, support and accompanying of public and private sector entities for a rational use and supply of energy.


Orphanalytics: Orphanalytics develops a solution allowing the detection of plagiarism in written texts, based on the “DNA” of texts.


Recapp: Recapp develops an application for recording meetings, principally for institutions. Possibility of indexation and automatic reports.

 logo-recapp .png

tikiCheck: tikiCheck proposes a management tool to measure and continuously improve customer satisfaction.



Cinetis: Cinetis digitizes and enhances the value of audiovisual archives

 Logo Cinetis

Edeltech: Edeltech develops multimedia software


Gaiasens: Gaiasens develops and installs its own meteorological measuring station and camera allowing real-time visual environmental monitoring.


KeyLemon: KeyLemon develops and commercializes biometric identification solutions.

Logo Keylemon

Klewel: Klewel proposes the recording and online publishing of conferences (video, sound, slides) via a sophisticated indexation system allowing a facilitated research.

Logo Klewel

koemei: Koemei develops automatic speech recognition allowing the transcription of conversations.

logo Koemei

Quantesys: Quantesys’ Disruptive Finance Technology provides Digitalization Solutions to Private Banks or new players wanting to enter the finance space.


Save NRJ: Save NRJ is a company from Valais active in the domain of energy savings, building physics, automation and acoustics. Our cutting-edge tools allow you to achieve optimum results.


SolAlpes: SolAlpes is a designer, installer and distributor of photovoltaic systems.

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