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Technology transfer

Flyer Technology TransferTechnology transfer is one of the Idiap Research Institute's three core missions including fundamental research and education. With "Technology transfer" we mean the process that leads the technology (software, algorithm, knowledge, expertise) to be transferred from Idiap to an industrial partner for economic development purposes. This transfer is usually done by giving the grant of rights on the commercial exploitation of this technology (through license).


We can therefore consider the process of technology transfer as a creation of economic value out of scientific discoveries. If the concept sounds simple, the path that leads from a technology demonstrator to an industrial product is highly complex. One reason is that researchers and industrialists do not usually speak the "same language" and their aim could be totally different. One of the fundamental challenges in "technology transfer" is to facilitate the interface between the knowledge and skills of the researcher and the needs of the industrial partner. In order to accomplish this task, Idiap Research Institute possesses the following resources:


Idiap Technology Portfolio idiap-technology-portfolio-2015.jpg

This document describes various technologies available at the Idiap Research Institute. E.g. Speech Recognition, Speech Synthesis, Speaker Adaptation for Speech Recognition and Synthesis, Beamformer Based Microphone Arrays, Speaker Diarization, Speaker Localization...


  • Developers Team : Team of ten engineers dedicated to technology transfer projects (eg : CTI project type ).
  • Showroom : Showroom with the latest interactive Idiap technologies (Technology Push).
  • IdeArk SA : Idiap's spin-off which has the mission to enhance Idiap's technologies and promote the emergence of new start-ups companies (Market Pull).
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