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Mobile Face Detection

 Face Localizer on a Nokia N95 


A plethora of face detection techniques have been proposed, However, the application of these techniques to mobile devices, such as mobile phones, raises several challenges because of two issues: the inefficiency of the algorithms and the limited processing capabilities of the mobile devices.

Recently, we improved the efficiency of a face localisation system to operate on a mobile device by changing the underlying scanning  process and by converting all floating point arithmetic to fixed point arithmetic adequately.

We were able to run the same optimized algorithm on 3 different devices: a Nokia N95 (see the above video), a Nokia N93i and a Nokia N810 (see the video below).

Face Localizer on a Nokia N93i



Face Localizer on a Nokia N810

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Demo Information
Theme: Biometric Person Recognition , Computer Vision
Author: F. Tarsetti, O. Bornet, M. Flynn, S. Marcel, C. McCool
Contact: S├ębastien MARCEL
+41 277 217 727