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FaceOnIt implements a face recognition technology, with the aim to demonstrate the use of this technology on a mobile device. It allows to enroll the face of a user and to verify that the user facing the camera is the one enrolled.

Available on the AppStore FaceOnIt

    IMG_0106.png  4.png


FaceOnIt is the output of the project MOBIO which developed new mobile services secured with biometrics. Such services include accessing the device itself, Apps or private data on the device, or online services.

FaceOnIt is powered by a face recognition Software Development Kit (SDK) developed at the Idiap research institute  in Switzerland.


Example video showing a possible use case of FaceOnIt

Enrollment procedure

Example video showing an adequate enrollment procedure

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Demo Information
Theme: Biometric Person Recognition , Computer Vision
Author: Flavio Tarsetti, François Moulin, Yann Rodriguez, Olivier Bornet, Constantin-Cosmin Atanasaoei, Sébastien Marcel
Contact: Sébastien MARCEL
+41 277 217 727