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Current Projects

Commission for Technology and Innovation

IMIM - Intelligent Monitoring for In-line Manufacturing
This project aims at developing an in line, learning based quality control for laminate welding.
VIEW-2 - Visibility Improvement for Events Webcasting
This project aims at developing innovative solutions to (1) improve the quality of multimedia presentation structuring and indexing by relying on several methodologies, like deep-neural networks for OCR slide processing, or active learning applied to ASR and OCR outputs to automatically generate semantic keywords; (2) using those indexes and keywords to improve the referencing of these presentation on the web.
BIOWAVE - BIOWAVE pre-product, a BIOmetric Watch Activated by VEins
The project is the realisation of the BIOWAVE pre-product: a biometric watch activated by veins recognition.
DIGIT_ARENA - real-time perimeter board content digital replacement
Sport events now use dynamic advertisement by means of LED pitch perimeter boards.
ESGEM - Enhanced Swiss German mEdia Monitoring
The aim of ESGEM is to significantly enhance Swiss media monitoring by accommodating Swiss German dialect broadcasts and turning them into searchable text.
SWISKO - Swiss-Korean project to develop and integrate new wearable sensors into the existing DomoSafety ambient sensor system.
SWISKO aims at building an e-health service for older people living at home combining wearable devices with the existing Domo Safety ambient sensor system.
FARGO - Convenient and Secure 3D Face Recognition based on RGB-D Cameras
Since the release of the Microsoft Kinect in 2010, there has been a rapid expansion of low-cost depth sensors, also known as RGB-D cameras.
3DFINGERVEIN - 3D FingerVein Biometrics
The aim of this project is R&D and marketing of an integrated low-cost solution for emerging countries to reliably identify people using 3D finger-vein biometrics.

The Ark

LIFE - PdG-fatigue
L’objectif de ce projet est de réunir diverses compétences, matériels et savoir-faire autour de la caractérisation physiologique de la Fatigue chez les sportifs.
ELEARNING-VALAIS_3.0 - eLearning-Valais 3.0
Le projet eLearning-Valais 3.0. a l’ambition de développer et d’implémenter des solutions innovantes pour favoriser l’apprentissage dans l’enseignement et augmenter l’employabilité.
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