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Idiap Corporate Sponsoring Program

Objectives of the Idiap Corporate Sponsoring Program

While Idiap is very active in fundamental research and in the development of large collaborative research programs, we are also proud to be very much “system driven”, i.e., driven by shared long-term visions and continuous by-product applications. We are also very well aware of the need of continuous feedback from (and interaction with) industry, through (1) collaborative projects, (2) creation of spin-offs or incubation of young start- ups, and (3) exchange programs, and (4) corporate sponsorship:

(1) Collaborative projects: Idiap currently has several (usually well focused) research projects directly funded by industries. In this case, the research project is precisely defined in collaboration with the two parties and resulting IPR is discussed on a case-by-case basis

(2) Creation of spin-offs or incubation of young start-up: In collaboration with the State of Valais, Idiap has set up its own technology transfer and start-up incubation instrument through an independent company IdeArk. For more information, see

(3) Exchange program: Although also part of the current Corporate Sponsoring Program (limited to industries), Idiap has set a large scale international visitor program, which is discussed in detail in the document “The Idiap International Visitor Program”.

(4) Corporate sponsorship program: In addition to the above, Idiap also have a specific corporate sponsorship program to boost long-term interaction with industries through training of industrial visitors, joint research programs, etc. While depending on the level of sponsoring and the goals being sought, the main mission of the present sponsoring programs can be summarized as follows:

- To ensure complementary funding for Idiap - To allow the industry to be involved with current research - To offer a platform for information, meeting, cooperation and interaction between industrial and research partners - To encourage meeting and interaction between scientific collaborators from different industrial.

More informations about our Corporate Sponsorship Program can be found here: Technology Portfolio & Corporate Sponsorship Program

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