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Prochain événement

Workshop at ScienceComm 24

Emmanuel Senft

September 06, 2024


Événements passés

Frugal Learning of Manipulation Skills in Robots

Sylvain Calinon

May 27, 2024


Biometrics research activities

Sébastien Marcel

May 25, 2024


Real-world case study, illustrating an open-source workflow that transforms Swiss open-data into CitySim simulations

Jérôme Kämpf

May 24, 2024


Exploring Visual Attention: Methods for Analyzing Gaze cues in Everyday Contexts

Jean-Marc Odobez

May 23, 2024


L'intelligence artificielle au service de la maintenance

Emmanuel  Senft

May 18, 2024


L'IA en renfort dans la bataille contre le cancer

Raphaëlle  Luisier

May 14, 2024


Intelligence Artificielle: calculer, est-ce penser?

Sébastien Marcel

April 30, 2024


Lemanic Life Sciences Hackathon

Raphaëlle Luisier

April 26-27, 2024


Neural Redshift: Random Networks are not Random Functions

Damien Teney

April 26, 2024


AI for Talent Management Systems

Laura Vásquez-Rodríguez 

March 14, 2024 


Modelling creative thinking with computational methods

Lonneke van der Plas

March 07, 2024


AI in Teaching

Emmanuel Senft

March 05, 2024


IA, ChatGPT mais encore

Sébastien Marcel

February 27, 2024


AI in early phase clinical trials: new analytical frontiers

André Freitas

February 26, 2024


Introduction to AI and it’s potential to promote early disease detection

Raphaëlle Luisier

February 22, 2024


Decoding Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis through rapid and unbiased generation of hypotheses combining AI and high content imaging

Raphaëlle Luisier

February 22, 2024


Human-robot teaming for flexible manufacturing

Emmanuel Senft

February 07, 2024


Some keys to understand Biometrics

Sébastien Marcel

February 06, 2024


Deep fake generation and detection

Sébastien Marcel

January 31, 2024


Intelligence Artificielle: calculer, est-ce penser?

Sébastien Marcel

January 29, 2024


Large Language Models in 2024 - Outlooks and Challenges

James Henderson

January 29, 2024


Bayesian Language Understanding with Nonparametric Variational Transformers

Matteo Sorci

January 26, 2024


Opportunities and challenges of Artificial Intelligence in Angiology, Annual Congress of the Swiss Vascular Society, Lausanne, Switzerland

André Anjos

November 17, 2023


Language technologies for industry: Research in Applicant Tracking Systems for the SEM24 project, EHL Hospitality Business School, Lausanne, Switzerland

Lonneke van der Plas & Laura Vásquez-Rodríguez

November 16, 2023


Workshop on AI for Robotics, Naver Labs Europe, Grenoble, France

Sylvain Calinon

November 15, 2023


ReconCycle Summer School, Mallorca, Spain

Sylvain Calinon

October 26, 2023


Can Artificial Intelligence lead to better outcomes in Angiology? Annual Congress of the European Society of Vascular Medicine, Milan, Italy

André Anjos

October 14, 2023

Mathematics Colloquium at the University of Bern, Switzerland

Sylvain Calinon

October 9, 2023


6th Workshop on Ergonomic Physical Human-Robot Collaboration: Harnessing Advancements in Robot Learning, IEEE/RSJ Intl Conf. on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS'2023), Detroit, USA

Sylvain Calinon

October 5, 2023


6th International Workshop on Intrinsically Motivated Open-ended Learning (IMOL), Paris, France

Sylvain Calinon

September 13, 2023


AI Olympics With RealAIGym: Is AI Ready for Athletic Intelligence in the Real World? workshop and competition, 32nd International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI), Macao

Sylvain Calinon

August 24, 2023


Robot learning from few examples by exploiting the structure and geometry of data, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Sylvain Calinon

July 10, 2023


Research challenges of programming robots using AI for manufacturing applications AND Human-robot collaboration for manufacturing and physical assistance, Workshop on Accelerating sustainable manufacturing with AI, United Nations, Geneva, Switzerland

Sylvain Calinon

July 5-6, 2023


Designing human-robot interactions with and for older adults, Geriatronics Summit, Technical University of Munich (TUM), Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

Emmanuel Senft

July 2, 2023


Learning assistive skills from demonstration, Geriatronics Summit, Technical University of Munich (TUM), Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

Sylvain Calinon

July 2, 2023


Robot learning from few examples by exploiting the structure and geometry of data, 32nd Intl Conf. on Robotics in the Alpe-Adria-Danube Region (RAAD), Bled, Slovenia

Sylvain Calinon

June 14, 2023


Artificial Intelligence in Health: Challenges and Opportunities, Post-Graduation Programme (COPPE), Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

André Anjos

March 27, 2023