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Annual report 2011

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"Concurrent political willpower and a socio-economic need is the recipe for success"

Olivier Dumas, President of the Foundation Council of Idiap

"Our ship has stayed on course for twenty years"

Hervé Bourlard, Director of Idiap


Idiap's Identity Card

Research Activities - Selection

  • Ambizione Project: The National Science Foundation Steps In
  • SmartWorld Project: For More Intelligent Search Engines
  • European Projects: Two new Idiap Projects Financed by the FP7
  • Technology Evaluation and Promotion: Two Start-ups Benefit from Idiap Research


  • Idiap-EPFL: Three Researchers Given the MER title: The Scientific Board at Idiap Expands
  • 1991-2011, Idiap Turns 20: A year to increase its visibility to the large public
  • Project Energy in the City: Cap on Renewable Energy
  • Collaboration Agreement: Idiap Signs an Agreement with the Prestigious IITG and IIIt in India
  • Industrial Partners: The Big Names of Industry Call on Idiap
  • Start-ups News: Three companies Take Off


  • Marie Curie Doctoral Students: Idiap, A Great Opportunity
  • Jean-Marc Odobez: "I strive for excellence."
  • Petr Motlicek, Researcher: "I knew Idiap by reputation."
  • Employees Joining and Leaving
  • Honors
  • Completed Theses


  • Operating Accounts
  • Sources of Funds / Costs / Comments
  • Balance Sheet


  • Organizational Chart
  • Employees
  • Foundation Council
  • Advisory Board
  • Main partners

Scientific inserts

  • Idiap Research Areas: Human and Media Computing
  • Scientific Progress Report
  • Selection of Idiap’s key achievements in 2011
  • Main projects in progress
  • Major publications / Conferences
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