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Annual report 2015

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Annual report 2015.You can download the report  here (.pdf, size: 5,8M)

Annual Report 2015


04   Our dynamism: Serving innovation and competitiveness Olivier Dumas, President of the Foundation Council, Idiap
05   Valais’ star is rising—including in Europe’s firmament Prof. Hervé Bourlard, Director, Idiap

07   Profile
10 Research themes, application domains
11   Organization chart
12   Research groups
14   Foundation Council 2015
15   Advisory Board
16   Employees

19   Operating accounts
20   Sources of financing/Costs/Comments
21   Balance sheet

23   Valais*Wallis Digital: Digitizing the collective memory of Valais
25   Valais+: Smartphones—a large-scale mobile data harvesting tool
26   Summa, Mummer, TeSLA: European success
28   DexROV: Developing a semi-autonomous underwater robot
29   Youth@Night: A study using smartphones and social networks

31   ICC’2015: Immersion over, it’s time to take flight
33   MultiVEO: Multilingual speech-recognition system for fast-food outlets
34   Technology transfer: Helping research to bear fruit

37   David Ginsbourger, senior researcher: Statistics as an interdisciplinary language
38   Elisa Bovio, program manager and financial assistant: The hidden face of the research project
39   Kenneth Funes Mora, postdoc and entrepreneur: Follow my gaze
40   25th anniversary: 25 candles on Idiap’s cake
42   Distinctions
43   Theses completed

Scientific inserts
II   Idiap research areas: Human and Media Computing
IV   Scientific Report
XXVIII   Main projects in progress
XXXVI   Major publications/conferences

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