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Front-end of the MASH computation farm

The MASH web application contains the source code of the front-end web server for the "computation farm" of the MASH project, implemented in Python, using Django 1.0.2, for Linux and MacOS X.
It allows user to interact with the computation farm by uploading source code and scheduling experiments.
It was developed during the MASH ( project at the Idiap Research Institute (
Note that there is no plan to upgrade this application to newer versions of Django. We are releasing this code mainly for reference.
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Resource Information
Resource type: software
Date: Sep 07, 2016
Nature: Software
Lifespan: Not supported, for reference purposes
Size: 16.5MB
Audience: Computer vision technologies
Access: Open source
Ownership: Idiap Research Institute
Distribution: via Idiap's github at
GNU General Public License Version 2
Contact: Fran├žois FLEURET
+41 277 217 739