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MASH Framework

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Back-end of the MASH computation farm

The MASH Framework contains the source code of all the servers in the "computation farm" of the MASH project, implemented in C++ and Python. It is supported on Linux and MacOS X.
This framework can also be used to develop new "plugins" (heuristics, classifiers, goal-planners and instruments), in C++.
It was developed during the MASH ( project at the Idiap Research Institute (
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Resource Information
Resource type: software
Date: Sep 07, 2016
Nature: Software
Lifespan: Not limited
Size: 7.6MB
Audience: Computer vision technologies
Access: Open source
Ownership: Idiap Research Institute
Distribution: via Idiap's github at
GNU General Public License Version 2 or GNU General Public License Version 3
Contact: Fran├žois FLEURET
+41 277 217 739