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Computational Bioimaging

This group focuses on research in computational imaging and analysis of biomedical images.

This includes developing algorithms for image deconvolution and super-resolution in optical microscopy, three-dimensional tomography reconstruction from projections, and, more generally, combining unusual sensing devices and approaches with computational methods to produce images ideally-suited for the observation and quantification of complex and live biological systems.

Current Group Members

Group Members

Michael Liebling (Permanent Researcher)
Christian Jaques (PhD student)
Olivia Mariani (PhD Student)
Adrian Shajkofci (Research Assistant)


Kevin Chan (trainee 10/2015-3/2016)

Current projects

3DFINGERVEIN - 3D FingerVein Biometrics
The aim of this project is R&D and marketing of an integrated low-cost solution for emerging countries to reliably identify people using 3D finger-vein biometrics.
4DHEART - 4DHeart: 4D analysis of heart development and regeneration using advanced light microscopy
Cardiovascular (CV) disease is a main cause of death worldwide. During adulthood, ischemic heart disease leads to heart failure and perinatally, congenital heart defects are found in over 20% of deaths. Moreover, genetic or epigenetic factors altering development can have an impact much later in life.
COMETS-M - Computational Methods for Temporal Super-resolution Microscopy
The goal of this proposal is to develop algorithms that will, in conjunction with hardware common in modern microscopes, allow breaking the temporal resolution limit imposed by slow fluorescence cameras and the scarcity of fluorescence photons in dim samples.
liveHeart - The Cellular Basis of Cardiac Development Revealead by Live Imaging
Heart pumping and shaping take place concomitantly during embryonic development. These two processes require a tight coordination between mechanical forces and tissue morphogenesis.
PLATFORM_MMD - Platform for Reproducible Acquisition, Processing, and Sharing of Dynamic, Multi-Modal Data


IEEE Life Sciences: Spotlight on Research in Biological Imaging Nov 15, 2016
IEEE Life Sciences spoke with Michael Liebling from the Idiap Research Institute in Switzerland and the University of California Santa Barbara about current research and developments in biological imaging and analysis.
Best student paper award for Nikhil Chacko, UCSB student, at ISBI'15 May 06, 2015
Nikhil Chacko, graduate student in electrical and computer engineering at UCSB in Michael Liebling's lab (Idiap Research Institute and UCSB), received a Best Student Paper Award (sponsored by Amazon and the IEEE Journal on Biomedical and Health Informatics) at the IEEE International Conference on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI'15), held 16-19 April 2015 in Brooklyn, NY.
New research groups at Idiap Jul 09, 2014
The Idiap Research Institute is proud to announce that 2 new researchers have recently joined the research team. Sylvain Calinon and Michael Liebling will reinforce, complement and develop the Institute’s expertise and competencies in human-robot interaction and computational bioimaging.
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