On October 9th, 2015, Kenneth Funes was awarded the EPFL doctorate for his dissertation entitled “3D Gaze Estimation from Remote RGB-D sensors”.

Kenneth Funes successfully defended his private examination in front of a committee of experts, composed of Prof. Dan Witzner Hansen, Prof. Louis-Philippe Morency, Dr. Ronan Boulic, Prof. Kamiar Aminian and Dr. Jean-Marc Odobez on May 29th, 2015, whereas on October 9th, 2015, he presented his public defense at EPFL, as a final step towards the completion of his PhD.

His research, conducted in the Perception and Activity Understanding laboratory of Idiap, lead by Dr. J.-M. Odobez, deals with the estimation of eye-gaze within the 3D space using consumer RGB-D cameras (standard imaging together with depth imaging). This work addressed the problems of low-resolution sensing, head pose variations and lack of user-specific calibration. Many applications within human-robot interaction, psychology, human-computer interaction, and others, can benefit from this work. In particular, his dissertation also addressed  the estimation of high-level non-verbal cues such as visual focus of attention within natural dyadic and group human-human interactions. This work was funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation www.snf.ch.

More details and resources can be found within the website www.idiap.ch/project/g3e and in his dissertation: 3D Gaze Estimation from Remote RGB-D sensors

Kenneth will continue being based at Idiap Research Institute as a post-doctoral researcher, mainly working towards the creation of a new start-up called “Eyeware”, which builds upon his PhD thesis work to provide solutions for assistive technologies, psychology, HCI, and robotics.

Congratulations to Kenneth Funes  for his excellent work.


To download  Kenneth's thesis, click on the following link: 3D Gaze Estimation from Remote RGB-D sensors