Idiap Research Institute received funding for a series of H2020 European projects amounting to a total budget of 22.4 million Euros

In spite of difficult economic conditions, researchers are facing added pressure to perform at a top level. On top of this, the European requirements are becoming more and more complex as relations between Switzerland and the European Committee have heightened.

Nevertheless, the Idiap Research Institute has been awarded three new projects with the European H2020. These three projects include:

SUMMA - Scalable Understanding of Multilingual Media (2016-2018)  (Total budget 9.8 million with 1.8 million for Idiap).

MUMMER - MultiModal Mall Entertainment Robot (2016-2019)  (Total budget 5.3 million with 1 million for Idiap).

TESLA - An Adaptive Trust‐based e‐assessment System for Learning (2016-2018)  (Total budget 7.4 million with 800,000 for Idiap).


You can find more info in the Idiap press release. (available in French and German. Project description in English only)


Projets Idiap soutenus par l’Europe (video in French)

Source: Canal9