Green light from the Parliament to the new IdeArk building in Martigny

The Parliament of Valais has granted a state subsidy of around 3,3 millions Swiss francs for the construction and the equipment of the new IdeArk building in Martigny. The total cost of the IdeArk building is evaluated at 9.5 million francs and is part of a larger project of 40-45 million francs. This decision complements the acceptance in September 2010 by the City of Martigny and allows confirming the schedule, which targets the opening of the new technology park by the end of 2012.

Become the leader in innovation

Since 2004, when IdeArk occupied only a few square meters in Martigny, the site has already well grown up, the State Council stressed in his message to the Parliament. It gathers nearly 10 startup and 2 companies which spread over the available 400 m2. Site management is funded primarily by The Ark.

IdeArk wants to do everything possible to become the leader in innovation for the economy of Valais in the area of ​​ information and communication technologies. The laying out of areas that foster organized or accidental meetings, between actors of a technology site is obligatory in a coherent vision for economic development.

Idiap is pleased to promote such development and welcomes the unanimous support of the Parliament of Valais. With this tool, the cluster centred on Idiap sees the future with a smile.