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Meeting Summarization Overview

Dynamic summarization is a technique for displaying textual documents and then allowing users to specifiy and alter levels of summarization in real time. We demonstrate two different approaches to overlaying the summary information:

  • Word Excision – here as the user requests more summarization, unimportant words are removed from the transcript and replaced with a full stop.
  • Word Shading (pictured) – here the unimportant words are shaded. Thus unimportant words are grey whilst the important words remain in black. Insignificant words are much lighter than more significant ones, so a word like 'and' will be white but something like 'budget' would be much darker.
  • User Benefits

    Users can obtain summaries of meetings based on analysis of automatically generated transcripts.

    Research Challenge

    This area of research is very challenging

    Status of the Research

    This research is ready to be evaluated.

    Contact for this demonstration

    For more information, contact Simon Tucker, University of Sheffield

AMI Technology for Meeting summaries in the AMI Browser

AMI Meeting Browser with Summarization

AMI Technology for Meeting Summarization

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