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Showcase Overview

The scope of AMI Consortium research is large, encompassing studies of social interaction and human behavior on the one hand and the most advanced image and speech processing algorithms and search techniques on the other.

Some of the research underway among the AMI Consortium lends itself to visual or aural representation. On this portal (part of the AMI site), we provide descriptions of technologies which are of interest and, in some cases, we have screen movies illustrating a technology in operatoin or sites/web pages developed to more fully explain the research.

Hierarchy of showcase

AMI Consortium core building blocks reside in one of three areas:

Based on these core enabling components, some demonstrations illustrate the research conducted in the past  or currently underway which spans multi-modal inputs and treats the meeting as an integrated source of knowledge and information.

In order to interact and use the meeting data and metadata, several computer-human interface paradigms are being explored. These are grouped together as demonstrations of integrated systems for meeting interactivity.

Beyond descriptions and movies

To more fully understand the way a user might benefit from a particular technology shown on this portal, one needs to experience an interactive demonstration. Interactive demonstrations can be arranged with the most appropriate scientist or groups at AMI research facilities on an appointment basis. Many research initiatives are cross institutional.

Contact AMI Technology Transfer for assistance. We will assist you to identify the AMI scientist or group best placed to answer your questions and to schedule an appointment.

Evaluations of run time demonstrators are also available in some cases or can be developed to meet the needs of specific projects. For more information on evaluations.

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