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Integrated Systems Overview

In order to benefit from the enhanced meeting experiences made possible using AMI technologies, people will be running software on their personal computers and other meeting support devices in the network as well as local to the meeting participants.

The AMI Consortium partners are involved in the creation of interactive and integrated demonstrations in software to illustrate the potential applications and usage scenarios for the AMI core building blocks. At this time there are three such demonstrations of concepts.

The Distributed Virtual Meeting Room uses 3D models and rendering engines to depict interaction in meetings. Currently, the VMR can use live meeting inputs as well as pre-processed meeting archives such as those found in the AMI Meeting Corpus.

The Meeting Archive Browsing demonstration uses audio, video, data and metadata inputs from the AMI Meeting Corpus to provide the user with an interactive environment for browsing, searching and manipulating meeting contents.

The Mobile Meeting Capture System is a prototype of what could be developed to capture all the audio and video activity during a meeting based on a parabolic mirror and HD camera. This system is used in research on machine learning with real time meeting inputs but is not proposed as a commercial product.

Under development

AMI partners are working on other approaches to integrating the core building blocks, however, full descriptions are not available at this time.

A Spiderphone integrated use of the JFerret architecture illustrates how one might use a graphical user interface to accelerate the speed at which meeting content is communicated to the user or to select only the inputs of key speakers when re-playing meeting archives.  

The Remote Meeting Assistant is a conceptual illustration of how AMI technologies could be used to monitor a meeting in progress while performing work or participating in another meeting. Using Flash the demonstration uses text and images to describe a workflow and usage scenario.

The Project Manager is a conceptual illustration of how AMI technologies could be used for increasing productivity by using meetings as part of a knowledge management system.


Since the AMI technologies are not apriori client or server-based implementations, there is no attempt in any of these demonstrations to recommend the appropriate architecture for a complete solution. The ultimate distribution of the software building blocks will be decided only at the time of integration into commercial solutions.


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