Face Recognition Algorithms and Databases

This package is part of the bob.bio packages, which provide open source tools to run comparable and reproducible biometric recognition experiments. In this package, tools for executing face recognition experiments are provided. This includes:

  • Preprocessors to detect, align and photometrically enhance face images

  • Feature extractors that extract features from facial images

  • Recognition algorithms that are specialized on facial features, and

  • Facial image databases including their protocols.

Additionally, a set of baseline algorithms are defined, which integrate well with the two other bob.bio packages:

  • bob.bio.gmm defines algorithms based on Gaussian mixture models

  • bob.bio.video uses face recognition algorithms in video frames

For more detailed information about the structure of the bob.bio packages, please refer to the documentation of bob.bio.base. Particularly, the installation of this and other bob.bio packages, please read the Installation Instructions.

In the following, we provide more detailed information about the particularities of this package only.