Open Source Face Recognition Library

This package provide open source tools to run comparable and reproducible face recognition experiments. This includes:

  • Preprocessors to detect, align and photometrically enhance face images

  • Feature extractors that extract features from facial images

  • Facial image databases including their protocols.

  • Scripts that trains CNNs for face recognition.

Get Started

First, complete Bob’s installation instructions. Then, to install this package, do this:

$ conda activate <myenv>
(<myenv>) $ conda install

The simplest experiment

The easiest way to get started is by simply comparing two faces:

$ bob bio compare-samples -p facenet-sanderberg me.png not_me.png


No face detection is carried out with this command.

Check out all the face recognition algorithms available by doing:

$ --types p

Get Started, serious

For detailed information on how this package is structured and how to run experiments with it, please refer to the documentation of and get to know the PipelineSimple and how to integrate both, algorithm and database protocols with it.

Users Guide

Reference Manual