Expectation Maximization Machine Learning Tools

This package is a part of Bob. It implements a general EM algorithm and includes implementations of the following algorithms:

  • K-Means

  • Maximum Likelihood (ML)

  • Maximum a Posteriori (MAP)

  • Inter Session Variability Modelling (ISV)

  • Joint Factor Analysis (JFA)

  • Total Variability Modeling (iVectors)

  • Probabilistic Linear Discriminant Analysis (PLDA)

  • EM Principal Component Analysis (EM-PCA)

  • Whitening

  • Within-Class Covariance Normalization (WCCN)




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C. McCool, R. Wallace, M. McLaren, L. El Shafey, S. Marcel. ‘Session Variability Modelling for Face Authentication’, IET Biometrics, 2013

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