Plotterparameters are a subset of parameters defined in the parameter section of a specified plotter (see Plotters) . They can be used to manipulate the appearance of the produced figure by that plotter, such as font size, legends, etc. They consist of only JSON declaration since there is no source code needed for such functionality. Here is an example of plotterparameter created for a bar plotter:

    "plotter": "plot/bar/1",
    "data": {
        "title-fontsize": 12,
        "bar-norm": true,
        "axis-fontsize": 10,
        "height": 600,
        "width": 800,
        "grid": true,
        "bar-alpha": 0.75,
        "legend-fontsize": 8,
        "legend-loc": "best",
        "dpi": 120
    "description": "Default parameters for bar plots"

In the example above the data are the parameters which are going to be set in the parameter section of plot/bar/1 plotter.