This section includes information for using the Python API of beat.cmdline.

Utility functions that are useful to all sub-commands

Configuration manipulation and display


%(prog)s libraries list [–remote] %(prog)s libraries path [<name>]… %(prog)s libraries edit <name>… %(prog)s libraries check [<name>]… %(prog)s libraries pull [–force] [<name>]… %(prog)s libraries push [–force] [–dry-run] [<name>]… %(prog)s libraries diff <name> %(prog)s libraries status %(prog)s libraries create <name>… %(prog)s libraries version <name> %(prog)s libraries fork <src> <dst> %(prog)s libraries rm [–remote] <name>… %(prog)s libraries –help


list Lists all the libraries available on the platform path Displays local path of libraries files edit Edit local library file check Checks a local library for validity pull Downloads the specified libraries from the server push Uploads libraries to the server diff Shows changes between the local library and the remote version status Shows (editing) status for all available libraries create Creates a new local library version Creates a new version of an existing library fork Forks a local library rm Deletes a local library (unless –remote is specified)


Performs operation regardless of conflicts


Doesn’t really perform the task, just comments what would do


Only acts on the remote copy of the library


Display this screen

Shows the working folder status for different objects


%(prog)s status

Returns the currently compiled version number

Click based helper classes