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New AMI mini projects

Labeling and Analysing Speaker Turns in Conversational Speech

Mini-project: Idiap Research Institute and dev/audio
dev/audio produces software and peripheral devices that apply innovative computer speech technologies to enable more natural interaction between people and computers... click here to get full description

Automatic storyboard generation for moderated large group chats

Mini-project: German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) and Synthetron
Synthetron helps clients (corporations, consulting firms and communications agencies) to listen to, and get insights from, large groups of people in an efficient and timely way... click here to get full description

Incorporating and evaluating AMI meeting browsing technology with the HP Halo collaboration system

Mini-project: University of Edinburgh AND HP Labs Bristol
Previous research, such as the Task Based Evaluation (TBE), has shown that AMI developed meeting browser technology is useful for participants in face to face meetings - the browser allowing participants to quickly and accurately extract information... click here to get full description

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