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ICMI-MLMI 2009 Outstanding Student Paper

by Valérie Devanthéry — 09.11.2009 14:34

Sponsored by Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories to specifically highlight the work of the students in our community

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Klewel New COI Member

by admin — 04.08.2009 12:02


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AMIDA project extended

by admin — 15.04.2009 09:49


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New partner joining AMIDA

by admin — 09.04.2009 08:29

Noldus Information Technology

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New AMI mini projects

by admin — 04.02.2009 17:34


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New AMI mini projects

by admin — 05.02.2009 16:59


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New COI member

by admin — 03.02.2009 14:00


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Idiap 15 Anniversary Workshop online videos

by admin — 11.06.2008 16:31

Now online videos and slides of the workshop

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Album photo, COI Workshop 2007

by admin — 03.10.2007 09:28

Sept 11-12 2007

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IST 2006 Spotlight – AMI Project

by admin — 20.04.2007 13:31

AMI Video at IST 2006

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AMI Vision Video

by admin — 02.03.2007 16:26


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Web-Ifying the Real World

by admin — 04.05.2010 09:41

Web-fying real life is the vision of the AMI consortium, which stands for Augmented Multiparty Interaction. The consortium is the force behind two highly successful European projects, AMI and AMIDA

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The Internet of Meetings

by admin — 04.05.2010 09:43

Software created by European researchers is transforming business and education through the complete capture of the audio, video and textual record. It is the internet, for meetings.

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Ten-Year Impact Award to AMI Corpus Paper "The AMI Meeting Corpus: A Pre-announcement"

by admin — 17.11.2015 17:46

The Ten-Year Technical Impact Award of the ACM International Conference on Multimodal Interaction (ICMI) 2015 was given to Jean Carletta and the AMI team, for the paper that introduced the Augmented Multi-Party Interaction (AMI) Corpus, originally published in 2005.

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