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AMIDA Publications

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Guideline for AMIDA Publications:

1. To announce a new publication (mandatory):
  • Send an email to amida.publications(at) with information about your publication (at least “Title”, “Authors”, “Keywords*”, “Abstract”), Bibtex is welcome. The archives of this mailing list replace the notice board.
  • To get a password and access archives:

2. To publish your publication on the public website:
  • When your publication has been published in a journal, a book, etc, send an email to amida.bibtex(at) with the full Bibtex file and the updated PDF version of your publication (if applicable).
  • Then, your publication will be published on the website

*Keywords (choose one of these categories for your publication):
  • cat-1: Infrastructure, data collection (incl. scenarios) and data management (annotation and standardization)
  • cat-2: Audio and speech processing (tracking, ASR, etc)
  • cat-3: Visual and joint audio-visual processing
  • cat-4: Multimodal structure and content analysis
  • cat-5: Human factors, HCI, system evaluation, and applications
  • cat-6: Project overviews

------------------ Email Example, to announce a new publication ------------------

Email Title: Annotating Subjective Content in Meetings

Email body:

  • Title: Annotating Subjective Content in Meetings
  • Author: Theresa Wilson
  • *Keywords: cat-4: Multimodal structure and content analysis
  • Abstract: This paper present an annotation scheme for marking subjective content in meetings. The annotation scheme adapts concepts from the MPQA Annotation Scheme (Wiebe et al., 2005; Wilson, 2007), an annotation scheme developed for marking opinions and attributions in news articles. The adaptations reflect the differences in multiparty conversation as compared to text, as well as our overall project goals, which are focused more on recognizing positive and negative sentiments than on other types of subjectivity.

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