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The AMI Consortium formed in January 2004 to conduct basic and applied research, with the aim of developing technologies that help people have more productive meetings. Our first project, AMI, was focused on the concept of meeting browsers; tools that allow users to find the information that they want quickly from a recorded meeting.

In our current project, AMIDA, we are continuing our work on meeting browsers, and moving into two new areas.

The first new area is content linking, or finding archived documents and segments of meeting recordings that are relevant to an ongoing meeting.

Much time is wasted in meetings looking for background documents and rehashing old arguments; new content linking technologies will help users avoid these problems.

The second new area is increasing engagement for people who are using a telephone or other technology to connect to a meeting that otherwise they cannot attend. Such remote attendees currently experience major difficulties in understanding what is happening in the meeting room and in being heard, but better interfaces will help.

Our technologies rely on basic research in disciplines ranging from speech recognition, language processing, computer vision, human-human communication modeling, and multimedia indexing and retrieval. The AMI Consortium brings together scientists from these fields as well as technologists, interface specialists, and social psychologists in order to achieve its vision.

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