Source code for bob.pipelines.transformers.str_to_types

from sklearn.preprocessing import FunctionTransformer

def str_to_types(samples, fieldtypes):
    for s in samples:
        for key, func in fieldtypes.items():
            value = getattr(s, key)
            value = func(value)
            setattr(s, key, value)
    return samples

[docs]def str_to_bool(value): return value.lower() == "true"
[docs]def Str_To_Types(fieldtypes): """Converts str fields in samples to a different type Parameters ---------- fieldtypes : dict A dict that specifies the functions to be used to convert strings to other types. Returns ------- object A scikit-learn transformer that does the conversion. Example ------- >>> from bob.pipelines import Sample >>> from bob.pipelines.transformers import Str_To_Types, str_to_bool >>> samples = [Sample(None, id="1", flag="True"), Sample(None, id="2", flag="False")] >>> transformer = Str_To_Types(fieldtypes=dict(id=int, flag=str_to_bool)) >>> transformer.transform(samples) [Sample(data=None, id=1, flag=True), Sample(data=None, id=2, flag=False)] """ return FunctionTransformer( str_to_types, kw_args=dict(fieldtypes=fieldtypes), validate=False )