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Related Links

The Ark Foundation
Created in 2004, The Ark is the Foundation for innovation in Valais. The Ark provides practical assistance to help enterprises increase their competitiveness and aims to build a dynamic and diverse economy within the canton of Valais.
Swiss Federal Institute of intellectual Property
Founded in 1888, the institute is the federal agency for matters concerning intellectual property in Switzerland.
Swiss Technology Transfer Association (swiTT)
Founded in 2003, swiTT is the association of technology transfer professionals who are active in the transfer of technology from institutes of public research and education, university hospitals, and other not-for-profit research organizations to the private sector.
Alliance Consortium
Born is 2005, Alliance is a national consortium which aims to stimulate the technology transfer from academic institutions to companies in the region of western Switzerland. Idiap is partner of Alliance consortium.
Swiss Innovation Promotion Agency CTI
CTI fosters knowledge and technology transfer between companies and universities by bringing them together as partners on applied research and development projects. CTI also provides assistance to start-up companies.
VentureLab is an initiative of the CTI innovation promotion agency. It offers coaching and training tailored to support innovative start-ups and sensitize students to entrepreneurship, in close collaboration with Swiss high schools and universities.
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