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Canal 9 Political Debates

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The Canal 9 political debate corpus is a collection of 72 political debates recorded by the Canal 9 local TV station and broadcast in Valais, Switzerland.

This corpus includes a total of roughly 42 hours of edited hi-quality audiovisual recordings. Each debate involves up to five French speaking participants (one moderator and up to four guest participants) and is focused on a single question with a straight yes/no answer, e.g. ”are you favourable to the new education laws?”. The guest participants firmly state their positions at the beginning of the debate, forming two clearly defined groups of opponents.


canal 9 debates

Database Details

  • Total of 72 debates (42 hours) with up to 4 guests and a moderator.
  • 45 debates (around 28 hours of AV recordings) include 4 guest participants and a moderator.
  • 7 debates include 3 guests and a moderator.


  • The moderator is not always the same.
  • There is no audience present during the recording.
  • The vast majority of the debates took place in the same recording studio.
  • Most of the debates are preceded by a brief introduction about the topic discussed.

Available Annotations

Manual annotations of the Canal9 Database in terms of 'manual shot segmentation', 'manual shot classification' and 'manual identification of participants in personal shots' are provided with in the database.

    Getting data

    This database is distributed through the sspnet databases distribution portal.

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    Date: Jun 21, 2010

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