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Biometrics under Spoofing Attacks! By Sébastien Marcel

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Haking IT Security Magazine highlights Biometric technology in its issue "Hakin9 Extra Digest 11/12", on : Tuesday, 4 Dec, 2012.

Identity management for persons using biometrics has become a reality mainly because of the biometric passport, but also because of the presence of more and more biometric-enabled applications for personal computers such as fingerprint or face login application. Although, the market of identity management using biometrics is dominated by some key players focusing mainly on high security applications (Business-to-Business market), new exploitation routes (Business-to-Consumer market) are currently explored by Small and Medium-sized enterprises focusing on computer login, universal login for social networks or cloud computing solutions. However, these routes are also explored by innovative companies, as demonstrated by the recent acquisition of face recognition companies: the acquisition of by Facebook in 2012, the acquisition of PolarRose by Apple in 2010 and the acquisition of NevenVision, PittPatt, and Viewdle by Google respectively in 2006, 2011 and 2012. This market of identity management using biometrics is thus growing rapidly. Unfortunately, it has been shown recently that conventional biometric techniques, such as fingerprint or face recognition, are vulnerable to attacks... Read whole article here.

Sébastien Marcel is the principal investigator of international research projects including MOBIO (EU FP7 Mobile Biometry), TABULA RASA (EU FP7 Trusted Biometrics under Spoofing Attacks) and BEAT (EU FP7 Biometrics Evaluation and Testing).

Jun 01, 2015
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