International Create Challenge 2014 winners

The winners of the International Create Challenge 2014, accelerator program organized by Idiap in Martigny, have been announced:

1) CHF 5'000.- Horus

Horus is an innovative device devised to fit any pair of glasses and improve the quality of life of visually impaired people behaving as a personal and unobtrusive assistant. It will be able to analyse its surroundings, obtain useful information thanks to text reading, objects and people recognition, road signs and zebra crossings detection, and audibly communicate them to the user through voice.

2) CHF 5'000.- Anemomind

Anemomind proposes a fully automatic solution to record, analyze, exploit, share on the web, and visualize sailing data. It brings real-time boat performance diagnostics and automatically calibrated true wind estimation to sailors, enabling them to optimize boat trimmings and, ultimately, race results.

2) CHF 5'000.- BioWatch

The BioWatch is the world first biometric watch that reads the unique pattern of your wrist veins to authenticate you and unlock your world.


Free incubation award: Horus