Alexandre Nanchen

Senior Research and Development Engineer

Biography - Education - Publications - Open source

Biography and past activities

I joined Idiap Research Institute in February 2008 as a Development Engineer. Prior to that, I gained experience as a Development Engineer at three startups in the United Kingdom.

In 2014 my title changed to Senior Development Engineer.

In 2018 my title changed to Senior Research and Development Engineer.

In 2023, in addition to my development and research tasks, I have taken the role of Technology Transfer Manager (TTM).

For additional information, please see my Linkedin profile.

Current activities

I am currently involved on the IICT project, optimizing some research code related to the evaluation of the production of signs from the Swiss German sign language.


From a research perspective, my areas of interest encompass speech processing, natural language processing, and social processing.

More generally, my areas of interest include Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Data Science, agile software development, and project management.


I am in a possession of a bachelor degree (HES) in Computer sciences and Business from the University of Applied Sciences in Sierre.

Further education

Deep Learning specialization, Deep Learning 5-course specialization by DeepLearning.AI on Coursera
Specialization Certificate earned on March 17, 2022
Course certificate

Machine learning specialization, Machine Learning, a 4-course specialization by University of Washington on Coursera
Specialization Certificate earned on March 14, 2017
Course certificate

Data science specialization, a 10-course specialization by Johns Hopkins University on Coursera
Certificate earned on July 3, 2016
Course certificate  -  Capstone project pitch deck

Machine Learning by Stanford University on Coursera
Certificate earned on November 30, 2015
Course certificate


Keep Sensors in Check: Disentangling Country-Level Generalization Issues in Mobile Sensor-Based Models with Diversity Scores
August 2023
Authors: Alexandre Nanchen; Lakmal Meegahapola; William Droz; Daniel Gatica-Perez

Empirical Evaluation and Combination of Punctuation Prediction Models Applied to Broadcast News
May 2019
Authors: Alexandre Nanchen; Philip N. Garner

Comparative Study on Sentence Boundary Prediction for German and English Broadcast News
June 2017
Authors: Wang Yang, Nanchen Alexandre, Lazaridis Alexandros, Imseng David, Garner Philip N.

Automatic Accentedness Evaluation of Non-Native Speech Using Phonetic and Sub-Phonetic Posterior Probabilities
June 2015
Authors: Ramya Rasipuram, Milos Cernak, Alexandre Nanchen, Mathew Magimai Doss

Exploiting un-transcribed foreign data for speech recognition in well-resourced languages
May 2014
Authors: David Imseng, Blaise Potard, Petr Motlicek, Alexandre Nanchen, Herve Bourlard

Automatic Speech Indexing System of Bilingual Video Parliament Interventions
June 2013
Authors: Gyorgy Szaszak, Milos Cernak, Petr Motlicek, Alexandre Nanchen, Philip N. Garner, Flavio Tarsetti

MediaParl: Bilingual mixed language accented speech database
December 2012
Authors: Imseng David, Bourlard Herve, Caesar Holger, Garner Philip N., Lecorve Gwenole, Nanchen Alexandre

A Speech-based Just-in-Time Retrieval System using Semantic Search
Authors: Popescu-Belis Andrei, Yazdani Majid, Nanchen, Alexandre, Garner Philip N.

Open source software

Over the course of these years, I've developed tools aimed at simplifying the data preparation needed for training ASR-based systems. Two of them are open source: ASRT (Automatic Speech Recognition Tools) and Webvalidation (annotation tool).

Tel: +41 27 721 7791
Office: 408-9