Synergy of Distributed Agents in a Smart Home to Promote Physical Activity in Elderly Users Gonc¸alo S. Martins, Fernando Pais, Rui P. Rocha, and Paulo Menezes

Poster session 1

A Multi-Actor Framework Centered around an Assistive Mobile Robot for Elderly People Living Alone
Matteo Luperto, Javier Monroy, Francisco-Angel Moreno, J. Raul Ruiz-Sarmiento, Nicola Basilico, Javier Gonzalez-Jimenez and N. Alberto Borghese

Mathematical Description of Functional Motion and Application as a Feeding Mode for General Purpose Assistive Robots
Martin Leroux and Sylvain Brisebois

Low-cost virtual reality system with passive arm support for stroke rehabilitation
Lili Sror, Shelly Levy-Tzedek, Mindy F. Levin and Sigal Berman

Towards safety in Physically Assistive Robots: eating assistance
Maria Vila, Gerard Canal and Guillem Alenyà

Robohealth: Smart Room Interface for Hospital Patients
Marcos Sacristan, Alberto Brunete, Miguel Hernando and Ernesto Gambao

Interactive Consoles for Adjustable Autonomy in Assistive Robots: a Case Study with ASD Children
Jhielson M. Pimentel, Carla Guerra, Pedro Sequeira, Andre Mateus, Alberto Sardinha, Francisco Melo and Pedro U. Lima

A qualitative survey on challenges and use-cases for robotic assistants in nursing care
Pascal Gliesche, Christian Kowalski, Tobias Krahn, Sandra Drolshagen, Andreas Hein and Max Pfingsthorn

El Greco II: affordable social humanoid for educational use
Anargyros Mouratidis, Nikolaos Manos, Maria Soulountsi, Dimitrios Chatzis, Panagiotis Papanastasiou, Anastasios Anastasiadis, Yuriy Pyriy, Ergina Kavallieratou


Poster session 2

Text-Based Inference of Object Affordances for Human-Robot Interaction
Michele Persiani and Thomas Hellström

Synergy of Distributed Agents in a Smart Home to Promote Physical Activity in Elderly Users
Goncalo S. Martins, Fernando Pais, Rui P. Rocha and Paulo Menezes

Natural Language Communication with Social Robots for Assisted Living
Maitreyee Tewari and Suna Bensch

Intuitive ways to instruct a social assistive robot: a study of natural interaction with elderly people
Shanee Honig, Vardit Sarne-Fleischmann, Yael Edan and Tal Oron-Gilad

Augmented Reality Control of Smart Wheelchair Using Eye-Gaze–Enabled Selection of Affordances
Rodrigo Chacón-Quesada and Yiannis Demiris

Design & Development of a Wrist-Hand Orthosis for Individuals with a Spinal Cord Injury
Amber Gatto, Stephen Sundarrao and Stephanie Carey