Making Sense of ChatGPT



Understanding the technology, its limitations and opportunities

Understanding the technology, its limitations and opportunities

Recent Artificial Intelligence (AI) models such as ChatGPT have captured the imagination of the public on the recent advances of the field, sparking a debate on the potential applications and implications of this technology.

The event is dedicated to the discussion of Large Neural Language Models, the underlying framework behind systems such as ChatPGT. In the workshop we will aim to answer some critical questions about the principles behind these models and the associated challenges, emerging applications and opportunities that this technology brings.


Idiap Research Institute (March 10th, 2023) 09:00-16:30


The workshop is targeted towards academic and industrial participants willing to understand how these models work, their strengths, limitations and general societal impact.



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Program Overview

The full-day event will integrate academic and industry-led discussions, including keynotes, presentations and poster/networking sessions.